New Years Resolutions

New Years Party animal

It’s that time again .. New Years Resolutions.
Now instead of a list of random resolutions that you know your not going to keep why not make some that involve your dog? There more fun and your dog will enjoy them as much as you do!
(I’ve also included my dog resolutions at the bottom for your enjoyment.)

Cook for Your Dog
Any time you cook for your dog, even if it’s just a treats, your giving them something better for them than a commercial product. You know exactly what is going into what there eating and you can tailor it to the dog your cooking for.
There’s even a national holiday dedicated to cooking for your pets National Cook for Your Pets Day.

Play More
Playing with your dog isn’t just fun it allows you to bond with your dog and get some valuable exercise in the process. 
Visit Dog Play for fun games and activities to do with your dog

Teach an Old (or Young) Dog a New Trick
Training your dogs makes for a happy and well mannered pet but once you have mastered the basics you can get started on some fun tricks to keep him engaged and learning.
Visit How to Love Your Dog to learn how to teach your dog to say Hello or Give you a Hi Five.

Banish Bad Breath
Dog breath .. Nothing sounds or smells worse. But with regular teeth brushing you can give dog breath a whole new meaning.
Dental disease is very preventable and once your dog is accustomed to having there teeth brushed it will quickly become an easy and essential part of your grooming routine.
Visit Pet Place for tips and a video on brushing your dogs teeth.

And my dogs also strive for self improvement so here are their resolutions:

Pee Wee’s Resolutions
Stop playing in the water bowl (unless no one’s looking)
Stop eating Big B’s food (the senior diet isn’t that great any way)
Hide my bones better (everyone still seems to find them)
Wet Kisses for everyone!

Big B’s Resolutions
Sleep more