The Pups

Meet The Pups.

pee wee and rose

Rose and Pee Wee are both rescue dogs who’s main jobs is to look cute for pictures and to wait until I’m done with a recipe to eat the treats.

Big B

Big B was my original treat tester and we miss him every day. He’s was a rescue pup and after being abandoned several times he found his way to me and had the cushy job of keeping my recipes on track. He’s a little anxious about his food, having had to go with out at the beginning of his life I suppose, and my mission was to give him everything he never had. That lead to the home cooked treats and this site.
He crossed the rainbow bridge in 2016 but I know he had a fat and happy life.

These are the guys who help me make my treat recipes great and who make my life the joy that it is.

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