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Welcome to Doggy Dessert Chef, my adventures in cooking for those who really appreciate my efforts, My Dogs! I’ll share my own dog treat recipes as well as others I’ve found along with any other information I come across about dogs and nutrition. I love cooking for my dogs, and they love that I cook for them, so I just thought I’d share :)

All the recipes on this site have been carefully researched and have been tried and tested on various dogs. However, I cannot rule out the possibility of particular food intolerances in certain dogs and cannot be held liable in this case.
The recipes are intended for special occasions. They are meant as an addition to your dogs regular diet and should not replace a proper balanced diet.

It is essential to ask the advice of your Veterinarian before feeding your dog any homemade food.
These recipes are for treats and biscuits that don’t contain preservatives, so they should always be kept in the refrigerator, or frozen, if you have any left over (which is doubtful!).
Make sure to check for possible spoilage before feeding to your dogs.

All recipes are for personal, non-commercial use only and if you’re interested in me creating a recipe for commercial use send me a message.

About Me

Are you a Chef?
Yes and no, mostly a whole lot of No.
I’ve never received any training or cooking/baking instruction and truth be told I’m probably one of the worst cooks you’ll ever meet but my dogs think I’m brilliant and that’s what matters.
It doesn’t matter how the treats look, how many tries it took you to get them right or how many times you set off the smoke detector your dog thinks you are the greatest Chef in the word and that’s what counts.
In the eyes of our dogs we’re all the greatest Chefs and with a little time and effort we can all earn the title of Doggy Dessert Chef.

Do you taste your dog treats?
I do when I can. All of my treats are made with ‘people food’ so having someone eat them is never an issue. I personally have several food allergies that prevent me from tasting everything I make. I’m allergic to peanut butter but it’s a mild allergies so I can still cook with it but I have a fatal allergy to sea food and shell fish, which is why you’ll never see it used in anything I cook.
So if a treat doesn’t contain something I allergic too I have no problem tasting it, if not I’ve got a house full of boys that are more then happy to taste test for me.

Why do you bake for your dogs?
Like it did for a lot of people the treat recall really hit home for me. I was very fortunate that it didn’t directly impact me but the stores of those that lost pets affected me deeply. I started researching commercial dog treats and I was surprised that I wasn’t feeding my dogs what I thought I was. I decided to start cooking and baking for them and found out how easy it was and how much better I felt knowing exactly what they were eating.

What’s up with your picture?
You have no idea how hard it was to balance that treat! I have a new and better appreciation for any dog that can do it. It took me several tries to get it balanced and I wasn’t fighting a desire to eat it either.
But with the help of some glue, yes I cheated, and after getting crumbs in my eyes and dropping treats to the waiting dogs I think it came out okay.

How much do your dogs weigh?
A lady never tells! My dogs do visit the vet regularly and while Big B is a little on the bigger side of ‘healthy’ they don’t have any issues. They do not eat all the treats I make, we share with any dog we come across to make sure they stay trim and healthy.

About Doggy Dessert Chef (the site)

How is your site organized?
Each recipe is categorized but it’s main ingredient(s) for example Spinach Chicken will be in the Chicken and Veggie categories.
For the Sensitive section Vegetarian recipes are designed to meet the qualification of a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet so the recipes may include eggs and/or dairy products.
The Vegan section includes recipes that don’t contain any meat, eggs or dairy ingredients.

Where do you get your recipes?

Unless other wise noted they are my creation. I use a lot of trial and error but it’s all worth it when something works out well. I try to be clear in my instruction and I try each recipe several time before it’s posted but it’s hard to anticipate all variations and I can not guaranty your results.

Enough of the treats, what about some food?
Because dogs have such varying nutritional needs (based on breed, age, activity level, medial issues, etc.) I don’t create dog food recipes, as there would be no way to meet every pups nutritional needs.

Do you allow comments?
I’m always happy to hear what you have to say as long as it’s constructive and well meant. Anything offensive, rude, spam or off topic will be deleted.

Can I use your recipes/photos?
Everything on my site is copyright protected. I ask that you not use anything without asking me first, and I do ask before I use others pictures and recipes. You may link to the site or a specific post if you like but for anything beyond that you need to ask.

I found a typo/spelling/grammar error how can I let you know?
Just one? I must be losing my touch.
I have no one proof reading or checking what I write so it’s bound to get bad some times. If you do see something that’s really making me look bad feel free to send me a note so I can get it corrected but be warned I’m sure you could spend hours pointing out everything wrong.

I have more questions how can I ask?
You can leave a comments on this page, use my contact form or email me directly at contact [at] doggydessertchef [dot] com.

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Thanks so much for visiting. Woof!


  1. February 10, 2010 / 8:46 am

    I love your blog! I came for a visit after receiving your foodie request on FoodBuzz. My dogs mean the world to me, and we frequently make them homemade treats…can’t wait to try some of yours!

  2. July 11, 2010 / 1:18 pm

    I found your blog through your Foodbuzz request and I think it’s great! It certainly brings back memories of the gourmet dog biscuit company I worked for in college. I think that job really helped propel me towards a deeper appreciation and love for food! I don’t have any dogs, but someday I will and I can’t wait to use some of your recipes for treats. I think all of our canine friends will get some for Christmas this year, lol! Keep up the good work!

  3. July 13, 2010 / 7:35 pm

    what an original idea for a food blog! :) your treats would make a great present for a dog lover like my sister and brother-in-law. (we have no dogs, instead we have 2 kids!) i’ll make time to try them out, thanks for sharing!

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