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Dog Lover Launches Unique 30 Recipe Illustrated Dog Treat Cookbook

19th November, 2020 – Dog lovers looking for home cooked treats for their pets can now purchase Will Bake for Wags, an illustrated dog treat cookbook. Will Bake for Wags is a compilation of thirty illustrated recipes with an assorted fare ranging from biscuits, and treats to pupcakes, foods and biscotti.

As all dog lovers know by now, for a dog Variety is the spice of life. Giving a dog the same food, every day ultimately leads to nutrition boredom for the canine who may soon go off their meals. The bigger problem lies in the challenge pet owners face to figure out suitable dog friendly recipes to cook at home. Purchasing packaged foods may not be a viable option for many due to the cost factor. In many cases, dogs may not even like branded food. Providing the best solution is Will Bake for Wags, an illustrated cookbook of original and innovative dog recipes that teaches dog owners to cook easy enough treats at home.

Will Bake for Wags is authored by Tennille Harron a dog lover whose website and blog Doggy Dessert Chef.com is a trending online.  The website is a journal of sorts that keeps a record of Harron’s life with her dogs, but more than that it is a portal of treats for dogs.

Describing Doggy Dessert Chef, she says “Doggy Dessert Chef is my adventure in cooking for those who really appreciate my efforts, My Dogs! I’ll share my own dog treat recipes as well as others I’ve found along with any other information I come across about dogs and nutrition. I love cooking for my dogs, and they love that I cook for them, so I just thought I’d share.”

Harron’s book Will Bake for Wags is a compilation of original recipes some of which already feature on her website. Every recipe has been thoughtfully and carefully planned out after due research and even tested on a variety of dogs. However, as a word of caution she says that some dogs experience food intolerances in which case the respective owner should make a well-informed and clear decision whether to feed their dogs such food or not. 

The recipes in Will Bake for Wags are meant for special occasions and can be added to a dog’s daily diet. It is not a substitute for regular healthy nutrition. Moreover, before giving a dog homecooked food one should consult with a veterinarian to find out any health issues faced by the dog that could be negatively impacted by the food.

Tennille Harron loves cooking for her dogs who regard her as the world’s greatest chef and to that effect, she says:

In the eyes of our dogs we’re all the greatest Chefs and with a little time and effort we can all earn the title of Doggy Dessert Chef.

For more information: https://doggydessertchef.com/book/

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