the joys of baking for my dogs

stuff this dog taught me
10 things you need to know before you start baking for your dogs.

10. Your kitchen floor will be covered in dog drool (whether they are allowed in the kitchen or not.)
I’ve had to mop before.

9. Your dishwasher will become your favorite appliance.
So .. many .. baking sheets!

8. Kitchen stuff (appliances, gadgets) will be every where.

7. You’ll be more concerned with your dog’s weight then your own.
And you Veterinarian will make sure you stay on top of it.

Speaking of your Veterinarian ..

6. You will drive your Veterinarian nuts with your constant questions.
Make sure you get them a holiday gift, a birthday gift, a arbor day gift .. anything you can do to ease the pain of your constant harassment!

5. Dog Treat Baking Clubs.
The first rule of Dog Treat Baking Club, is you do not talk about Dog Treat Baking Club.

4. Dogs will follow you.
I think it’s the constant smell of bacon and liver.

3. People will always be shocked that the ingredient you’re buying is for your dog.
‘But lamb is so expensive!’

2. You will be injured by a kitchen appliance.
At least twice.

1. Your dog will eat better than you.
I meal plan, but not for me!

And it’s all so worth it!

woof and wags