Treat Your Dog Podcast Episode 1 Honey Cheesy Zucchini

Welcome to Treat Your Dog a weekly dog treat baking podcast! This first episode is for honey cheesy zucchini treats and a little bit about us.

The recipe can be found here: https://doggydessertchef.com/2018/01/22/honey-cheesy-zucchini/

00:00 Tennille: Hello there, this is Treat Your Dog, a weekly podcast about baking for those who appreciate it the most, your dogs. I’m Tennille of doggydessertchef.com and with me is my co-host, Derk. Derk does all of the artwork for the site and more of his work can be found at derkart.com, and he’s also my husband.

00:17 Derk: Howdy.

00:18 Tennille: Each week, Dirk or I will bake-up a tasty treat and you can bake along with us. For those that are familiar, I started Doggy Dessert Chef many, many years ago for my first dog, Brook. Brook was a fantastic dog.

00:31 Derk: I love that dog.

00:32 Tennille: And as he got older, his stomach started to get a little sensitive, so I had to pay a little more attention to what I was feeding him. And as a dog that loved his treats, there was no way I could completely cut them out of his diet. After looking at the ingredients of the treats in the stores, I knew I had to make my own. I started coming up with my own recipes, which Brook absolutely loved.

00:54 Derk: That dog loved to eat.

00:56 Tennille: I think that’s kind of where he got the nickname Big B. So I thought there may be other dog owners in the same situation that would enjoy having a place they could find recipes for delicious homemade dog treats. Sadly, Brook left us a couple of years ago, but his legacy lives on through the site and in our two dogs, Peewee and Rose.

01:16 Tennille: Now that you know who we are, let’s get baking. This week’s recipe is for honey cheesy zucchini treats. Before you get started, you’re going to need to grate a zucchini. This recipe calls for a cup of grated zucchini, but if your zucchini is a little smaller, it’s okay if you end up with less than a full cup. Prepare your baking sheet, line it with parchment paper, foil or a silicone baking mat and set it aside. Then pre-change your oven to 350 degrees. Along with a cup of zucchini, you’ll need half a cup of grated cheese, one teaspoon of honey, and two mint leaves, chopped and a cup of spelt flour. I’ve already got all my ingredients already set up. Everything is all measured out so I’ll just mix them in this bowl all together.

02:00 Tennille: You wanna make sure you get everything mixed up completely, because these are cookie-cutter treats. And the better mixed up they are, the smoother a dough that you get rolled out. Now, I do have a tip for your honey. I’m not quite sure where I’ve heard this, but if you spray your measuring spoon or measuring cup with some oil or grease or something before you put that honey in there, it’ll slide out a whole lot easier. Now that you’ve got all your ingredients in a bowl, you wanna stir it up. Like I said, make sure everything is very combined. Once you’ve got that all mixed together, knead it into a ball and then roll it out onto a floured surface, so you can cut it with the cookie cutter of your choice. Once you’ve got all your cookies cut out, you’re gonna want to put it in your oven and bake it for 10 to 15 minutes until lightly browned at the edges. So I’ll let you cut out those cookies and get that in the oven and we’ll get back to you once they’re all done and crispy.


03:09 Tennille: Treats are done. Make sure you let them cool completely before giving them to your dog. As you can see, that cheese is a little bubbly and hot. We certainly don’t want anyone to get burned. I got about two to three dozen, about two and a half dozen with my one inch square cookie cutter. If your cookie cutter was bigger or smaller, obviously your yield will vary. I hope your dogs enjoy these tasty treats. Make sure you put the ones they don’t eat right away in the refrigerator. And of course, there’s a link to the recipe in the comments. Thank you so much for baking with me today. Come back next week for another tasty treat. Happy baking.

03:44 Tennille: All these recipes have been carefully researched but we cannot rule out the possibility of food intolerances and it is essential that you speak with your veterinarian before feeding your dog any homemade treats. For more recipes, visit doggydessertchef.com or find us on Facebook, Doggy Dessert Chef, or you can join our Treat Your Dog podcast group. Don’t forget to subscribe for more treat recipes.