five unusual foods which could benefit your dog [sponsored post]

five unusual foods which could benefit your dog milk thistle
These days there is a staggering range of different dog foods on the market- and more and more of these focus of healthy, natural produce. The benefits of feeding your dog health promoting food are huge and can range from helping to prevent disease to boosting energy. With so many different products on the market and so many different ingredients being promoted as the next big thing, it can, at times, all be a little overwhelming! Here are five new ingredients which are finding their way into dog foods which you may not have heard about but which could bring real benefits:

Kelp, a type of seaweed, has been promoted as a super food amongst humans for many years and is now finding its way into some dog feed. It contains a wealth of nutrients such as magnesium, beta carotene and iron as well as Vitamins B1, B12, C, D and E. Its general health benefits are believed to be far reaching but it is especially good at helping promote kidney function. Also, many owners have testified as to how shiny their dogs’ coats have become once introducing it to their diet. If this rings true with you, then why not share a picture of your shiny dog coats with Dogscorner.co.uk?

Rather than using traditional grains to bulk out dog feed, a new breed of products is looking to use Spelt, an ancient grain full of nutrition. Gluten is a common cause of allergies in dogs and is found in high concentrations in common grains such as wheat. Spelt on the other hand is easily absorbed into the blood stream and much less likely to cause irritation. In addition to this, whilst other grains are often used as filler, spelt boast a wealth of benefits. It is high in protein and contains vitamins B and E. Dog feeds containing spelt are a great alternative to more traditional feeds.

Milk Thistle
Milk thistle has recently become very popular in helping to promote healthy livers in dogs. Several breeds of dog are prone to liver complications at it is hoped that Milk Thistle might be able to help combat this due to the high levels of Silybin which in contains. Silybin is an antioxidant which helps to neutralize harmful free radicals. Free radicals are damaging because they rip electrons away from cells which make the lining of the liver- this in turn leads to inflammation. Milk Thistle is starting to appear as an ingredient in some healthy dog foods but it is most commonly taken in the form of a supplement.

Brown Rice
Many dog feeds use white rice- and mostly because it is cheap rather than any health benefits which it may have. However, new healthy dog foods are starting to use brown rice instead. Brown rice is jam-packed full of minerals and contains around three times as much fibre as its white counterpart.

More commonly associated with getting stung as a child, nettles are in fact one of the most nutrient packed food substances available. They are full or minerals and nutrients and help promote a healthy digestive system. Somewhat ironically they are also believed to help stop itching!
These are just some of the super foods which are starting to be used in the new breed of dog foods becoming available. If you have come across any others or have felt the benefits of those above, please let us know in the comments or visit us at Dogscorner.co.uk

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