i’m 28 in dog years

i'm 28 in dog years

Or this site is at least (I’m 149 dog years old and I think I look damn good for my age haha).

Now isn’t 28 the age that you start to mature, a little bit at least? I feel this site has matured, but is still young and fun.

I’ve found what doesn’t work {cough} baking unleashed, pawpals {cough} but I’ve also found a lot of what does.

I’ve wanted to to throw my oven mitt up and quit many, many, many times.

‘I’m out of ideas’
‘No one even cares, why am I wasting my time?’
‘I don’t have time for this any more’

And every time y’all have kept me going.
When I’m out of ideas you flood me with requests or tell me that you’ll wait until I’m inspired. You tell me that you do care and you make it worth my time.

I’ve spent that last 4 years making up recipes for dog treats but I’ve also made a lot of friends and fans and some very happy dogs, some days it’s just hard to believe.

Thank you all for your support, visits, comments and love, and don’t worry I plan on doing this for many more years to come.

woof and wags