case number: 2458752 – 2012

The case of Michigan Frog

Case Number:
2458752 – 2012

Investigative Narrative:
Upon entry into the residence I spoke with the homeowner, who will be hereafter referred to as The Chef. The Chef advised me that she was in her bedroom when she heard a disturbance in the livingroom. When she entered the living room she witnessed the end of the attack.

She then called for assistance and made sure not to disturb the scene.
evidence 1
When I arrived the suspect remained near the victim.
He made no move to cover up any of the evidence of his crime but he also made no attempt to stop officers from removing the victim from the scene to get him medical attention.

It should also be noted that evidence of the attack was found in the suspects facial hair.

evidence 3

Fortunately  after extensive surgery the victim’s head wound was repaired and he is expected to fully recover.

Unfortunately the injury has caused short term memory loss and he has no memory of the accident.

Case Outcome:
Based on the evidence collected at the scene. The suspect was taken into custody and booked for the crime.

Hopefully with rehabilitation he will be able to curb his destructive impulses.
In the meantime The Chef will keep him under strict supervision and will limit his contact with the victim.

Case Follow up:
I spoke with the victim and he assured me that there have been no further issues with the suspect.

He was last seen in the care and custody of The Chef’s other dog enjoying the cushy accommodations and quiet atmosphere.




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  1. July 8, 2014 / 9:54 pm

    LOL this is so creative! Sounds like the criminal was handed a light sentence for such a harsh crime. I do hope there isn’t a civil suit for damages in the future.