{BestBullySticks} review

{BestBullySticks} review

When I mentioned that my dogs loved these BestBullySticks that was kind of an under statement .. they loved, loved, LOVED them.

(We even had a rare resource guarding moment because of how good they were.)

First we tried the braided stick .. Yum!

{BestBullySticks} review

I may have been at risk of losing a finger trying to get it back.

{BestBullySticks} review

Now, knowing I have two dogs the wonderful people at BestBullySticks sent me two of each (excluding the sticks I used for the pops) so each dog could have their own.

But Pee Wee can be a jerk when it comes to goodies so he hide his and then went after Big B’s stick.

{BestBullySticks} review

On to the braided rings, as you can see the dogs went to town!

{BestBullySticks} review

BestBullySticks are definitely a hit with my boys, but that’s only half the issue. I have to be happy too right?

Well, they still haven’t chewed through their Bully Sticks and we’ve had them for several weeks. I’m also not worried about them swallowing the pieces because BestBullySticks are all natural.

But most important is Big B. He came to me with bad, bad teeth and while they’ve gotten better he still has issues. When he chews on rawhide (and he’s a huge chewer) the pointy pieces and hard texture tend to irritate his gums. I have to make sure he only chews for a minute or two before his gums start bleeding. When I first gave him a Bully Stick I held onto the end (the first picture) so I could take it from him if I needed to. I didn’t need to, he had no issues at all.

He chewed for over an hour with out any gum redness or irritation, and absolutely no bleeding.

These really are the Best Bully Sticks.

woof and wagsDisclosure: BestBullySticks sent me these BullySticks, and some other goodies, for review and use in this recipe.