{RUHA} leather dog collar

{RUHA} leather dog collar review

Let me tell you the story of Pee Wee’s new collar.
It started with the usual email. Hey, your dog is awesome and I want him to look even awesomer (at least that’s how Pee Wee read it to me) so I checked out RUHA‘s website. The ordering process was incredibly easy and I loved the different color and style selections.

Once we’d decided which one he’d look best in, Pee Wee wanted one of each of course,  I typed in Pee Wee’s name like I always do, Big P and W, little e’s  and it showed me a preview that I was happy with so I ordered.

{RUHA} leather dog collar review

I later received a call from Tom.
You know Tom, the leather, the guy actually making my collar! He just wanted to make sure I knew that the name would be in all capital letters (which it did show me when I ordered) before he kept going. We had a nice chat and he assured me the collar was looking fantastic.

I received it a couple of days later, and Pee Wee loves it.

{RUHA} leather dog collar review

So just to recap .. It was easy to order (though hard to pick just one), the guy MAKING it called me to make sure it was what I wanted and Pee Wee looks fabulous, and he loves looking fabulous!

Head on over to RUHA and get one for your pup, or you could try to win one!

Disclosure: RUHA gave me a collar for Pee Wee and one to giveaway!