{TORUS™ watering bowls} Review

{Heyrex :: TORUS™ watering bowls} Review


Discloser: I was given a TORUS™ watering bowl to review and one to giveaway .. later (ohhhh…)


My place has been described as cozy, cottage, efficient, charming .. you know .. all the things you say instead of admitting that the place is the size of a postage stamp! haha
Now, we love our two bedroom postage stamp, and the dogs loving being able to see where everyone is, at all times, while sitting in the living room but is doesn’t leave a lot of running room. And these pups need running room! So, that leads to a lot of trips to the dog park.

Living in Arizona we have some wonderful dog parks, with several water fountains that include bowls at the bottoms for the dogs, perfect right?
Well, after a metal water fountains been baking in the over 100 degree sun if the water isn’t boiling hot the metal bowl is, so you bring your own water. For the sake of your panting pups, you HAVE to bring your own water. Now you’re lugging along water bottles and bowls, dogs (yours and others) are knocking both over before it’s even poured… It’s a mess, and no one gets any water.

TORUS™ watering bowl, to the rescue!

{Heyrex :: TORUS™ watering bowls} Review

You fill it up before you head out (the carbon filter removes any impurities) and turn the knob to the padlock symbol. Once you get to where you’re going you turn it to the flow symbol and fresh, filtered water flows into the bowl. No batteries, no electricity. It’s low profile makes it hard to tip over and the bowl refills after your pup, and every other pup around, drinks from it.

Perfect for on the go and even better at home!

{Heyrex :: TORUS™ watering bowls} Review

The 2 liter size is perfect for you two pups and it provides them with fresh, filtered water for days.
And it looks so stylish in my dining room!

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  1. Sara W.
    November 2, 2016 / 7:42 pm

    I paid too much for 2 of these bowls. They were junk, one leaked and they are a breeding ground for bacteria.
    The one that leaked we dismantled and found that despite our rigorous cleaning routine, there was black and green staining inside the reservoir, mold, hair, sand/dirt and other filth. You can stop the water from coming out into the bowl, but you can not stop the water from going back into the reservoir, therefore, when they drink or the bowl shifts, dirty water goes back into the reservoir contaminating the water storage, this includes, spit, dirt, hair and anything else. The interior of the bowl itself faded and lines formed as if the plastic isn’t durable enough. The best water bowl, hands down, is the buddy bowl. Every part is exposed and you don’t need to turn the water off as even what is in the cone does not spill out when it tossed across the car or knocked upside-down. Another thing about the Torus, you cant see your water level! The buddy bowl, BPA free has a clear option and you can see everything! I ordered 2 Buddy Bowls instead and have not had one accident nor is there any marking where water lines are. I wished I purchased them years ago. I used the Torus for about 3 or 4 months and have now had the buddy bowl for about 3 or 4 months.