ask the chef :: wheat-free

I saw your recipe for yogurt berry chicken cookies (mmm!) and would like to make those for my dogs. I’m not much of a cook or a foodie, so this question may sound stupid. I see that the recipe calls for oats and whole wheat flour. If a dog is potentially allergic to grain, are these cookies out? (That is, are oats and whole wheat flour considered grains?)

Hello Cathy,
Thank you for visiting my site. In answer to your question and I’m sorry to say that the yogurt berry chicken cookies aren’t good for your pup. The whole wheat flour is what does it, it means that the whole grain is used to make the flour so your dog would have a reaction to it. The oats aren’t made of grain but a lot of companies who make or package oats do so in a facility that also makes and packages grain so there is a big chance of the oats being contaminated by grain, so it’s best to buy oats that specifically say that they are gluten-free.

I’m sorry to say but any of my recipes that contain whole wheat flour or wheat germ would be something that you couldn’t make. You can try checking out my wheat-free section and see if you find something your dog may like. Hope this helps. Woof!