how to find quality dog food [sponsored post]

how to find quality dog food [sponsored post]
Many dog owners are faced with a big problem when purchasing dog food. This can be worse if you have never had a dog before. Most of them will opt to buy the cheapest dog food available while others will go for the most expensive. For those who take the cheaper option they may argue that dog food is dog food and that is it. For those who buy expensive dog food, they may argue that the more expensive the food is, the higher the quality thus the price. This is a wrong perception since dogs just like humans require a healthy diet.
So, what makes quality dog food?

Dog are carnivorous thus in their diet, it is important to check for dog food that contains some meat in it. You can be able to know whether the food has meat in it by reading the nutritional value of the food on the label. Do not be in a hurry since some manufacturers will list meat at the top so as to give you the perception that the food is of high quality. Be careful and take your time to go through the different types of foods. Check the meat value and the percentages to ensure that it is within the requirements.

Though dogs are carnivores, they can do well with a well-planned vegetable diet. It is important to note that vegetables are a good source of proteins. Dogs need animal protein which they can get from vegetables. It is also important to note that it is not possible for a dog to survive on vegetables alone. You have to add meat in the diet.

Another factor you can consider when selecting dog food is the products that it is made up off. As noted before, some low quality manufacturers of dog food will list meat at the top of the list and then followed by a list of endless by products. This by products are basically rejects from companies that deal with beef, goat meat, fish or any other animal and has been declared unfit for human consumption. It is therefore important to ensure that the food is pure and does not contain by products of other healthy products.

A dog also requires energy. By including grains in a dog diet, you will be able to provide it with carbohydrates that it rely on. It cannot be considered as a whole meal hence it is used as meal filler. When buying dog food, ensure that you check to ensure that there are some grains in it to provide the much needed energy.

Preservatives are used to ensure that food lasts for a longer period of time. Though it is good, in dog food it may have some effects on the dog. This is mainly due to the contents that make up those preservatives. Avoid any foods that use them by all means.
All in all, quality food should include most of the vital components that a dog needs in order to live a healthy life. If you are uncertain of what kind of food to give your dog, you can always seek the help of a veterinarian. You can find out quality dog food at Vet Medic.

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  1. January 19, 2013 / 6:53 am

    We feed raw. Chicken necks in the morning and ground turkey with vegetables at night. Occasionally I will buy a package of beef just for a change of pace.

    But my dogs love it and have thrived on it.

  2. January 21, 2013 / 8:46 pm

    Needless to say… animal by-products are some of the lowest-quality dog food ingredients out there. Do your dog a favor… and avoid them like the plague.