don’t live in the past

stuff this dog taught me

Big B is a two time shelter dog. He was adopted out and then found wondering the streets covered in fleas and ticks. His chip had the adopters and shelters information on it, so when the adopters couldn’t be located he was returned to the shelter.

He was adopted out again to a married couple who had decided not to have children right away so they got a dog together instead. They broke up and when they split they decided they didn’t want to keep anything that was a reminder of their relationship.

So twice, twice someone promised to love him forever and twice that promise was not kept.

Yet he loved us the second we met (even though someone’s kid may have tried to ride him like a motorcycle.) He gave us his heart as if he’d never had it broken before.

When he came home and we all slept on the floor with him, so he wouldn’t be scared, I told him I would keep my promise and he would be with us forever.

He just snored, the past already behind him.


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  1. February 18, 2012 / 1:27 pm

    This teared me up! So sad… so sweet… so wonderful!