happy hurts

stuff this dog taught me
Big B has a big fat tail.
He can clear a coffee table or take you out at the knees with one good wag.

The Kiddo used to stand behind him and let him knock him down with his tail. He’d then giggle like a mad man (which delighted B and made him wag harder) and then jump back up to do it again.

When we first got him I brushed him several times, to get him used to it and me, and  I noticed a spot on his tail where the hair was a lot shorter then the rest. On his next trip to the Vet I asked her about it. She took a look and said there was some scar tissue in that area so the fur didn’t grow there as well are the area around it.

I was immediately horrified.
“What could have happened to his tail? Could someone have hurt him?!?!”

The Vet laughed and pointed to him and the Kiddo, playing their game and knocking into stuff in her exam room.
“I’m thinking he may have done it to himself ..”

She walked over to give him a rub and he turned and knocked over one of her chairs.

I might not be able to keep anything fragile at tail level and as the Kiddo gets older the only thing that has changed is the positioning of the bruises, but it’s good to know that no matter how much it hurts Big B is always happy.