Neapolitan Frozen Treat

neapolitan frozen dog treat recipe

Looking for a delicious and refreshing treat to spoil your furry friend? Look no further than this Neapolitan frozen dog treat recipe! This recipe combines three mouthwatering flavors – strawberry, vanilla, and carob – to create a frozen delight that your pup will absolutely love. Let’s grab our ingredients and get ready to whip up a batch of these irresistible Neapolitan frozen dog treats!

neapolitan frozen dog treat recipe

Neapolitan ice cream is a beloved frozen treat that has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world for decades. But have you ever wondered why it is called “Neapolitan”? Well, the name actually has its roots in Italian history and culture. Neapolitan ice cream gets its name from the city of Naples, which is located in southern Italy. Naples is known for its rich culinary traditions and its love for all things sweet, including gelato. In fact, gelato is a popular Italian dessert that is similar to ice cream but has a denser and creamier texture. Neapolitan ice cream was inspired by the flavors and colors of traditional Italian gelato, which is why it carries the name “Neapolitan.”

The origins of Neapolitan ice cream can be traced back to the late 19th century when Italian immigrants brought their culinary traditions with them to the United States. These immigrants settled in various parts of the country, including New York City and Philadelphia, where they started making and selling gelato to their fellow Italians. Over time, the popularity of this frozen treat grew, and soon it caught the attention of Americans from all backgrounds. However, in order to cater to the diverse tastes of their customers, the Italian immigrants began experimenting with different flavors, resulting in the creation of Neapolitan ice cream.

neapolitan frozen dog treat recipe

Neapolitan ice cream is typically made up of three different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. These flavors are layered side by side in one container, creating a visually appealing treat that is as delicious as it looks. The combination of these three flavors is what makes Neapolitan ice cream so unique and loved by many. Each spoonful offers a delightful mix of creamy chocolate, smooth vanilla, and fruity strawberry, satisfying different taste preferences in one scoop.

Today, Neapolitan ice cream continues to be loved by people of all ages. Its colorful and delicious combination of flavors has made it a classic choice for those who can’t decide on just one flavor. Whether you prefer the creamy vanilla, the rich chocolate, or the fruity strawberry, Neapolitan ice cream offers a little something for everyone.

neapolitan frozen dog treat recipe

To make this Neapolitan frozen dog treat recipe, you’ll need a few simple ingredients. For the chocolate layer, you’ll need unsweetened carob powder, which are a safe alternative to chocolate for dogs. For the vanilla layer, you’ll need plain Greek yogurt, which is not only delicious but also provides probiotics that are beneficial for your dog’s digestive system. And finally, for the strawberry layer, you’ll need fresh strawberries, which are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. You’ll also need a bread pan to freeze your treat in.

To begin, start by preparing the strawberry layer. Blend the fresh strawberries until they are pureed, then mix them with the plain Greek yogurt. Pour this mixture into your bread pan. Place the pan in the freezer for about 2 hours to allow the strawberry layer to set.

Next, it’s time for the vanilla layer. Remove the pan from the freezer and pour the yogurt next to the strawberry layer. Return the pan to the freezer for another 2 hours.

Finally, it’s time for the carob layer. In a separate bowl, mix together the carob powder and yogurt until smooth and well combined. Remove the pan from the freezer once again and pour the carob mixture next to the vanilla layer. Place the molds back in the freezer for a minimum of 8 hours, or until completely frozen.

Once the Neapolitan frozen dog treats are frozen solid, scoop with a ice cream scoop or spoon. Watch as their tail wags with excitement as they enjoy this delicious and refreshing treat. You can store any leftover treats in an airtight container in the freezer for up to two weeks.

Neapolitan Frozen Dog Treat Recipe


  • 1/4 cup chopped strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon carob powder
  • 3 cup plain Greek yogurt divided


strawberry layer

  • Puree chopped strawberries and 1 cup greek yogurt until well combined.
  • Pour into mold and freeze for a minimum of two hours before adding the next layer.

vanilla layer

  • Pour 1 cup greek yogurt into the mold and freeze for a minimum of two hours before adding the next layer.

carob layer

  • Mix carob powder and 1 cup greek yogurt until well combined.
  • Pour into mold and freeze for a minimum of eight hours before serving.
neapolitan frozen dog treat recipe

So there you have it – a simple and nutritious Neapolitan frozen dog treat recipe that is sure to be a hit with your furry friend. With its combination of strawberry, vanilla, and carob flavors, this frozen treat is not only delicious but also provides a cooling sensation during those hot summer days. Your pup will thank you for this tasty and refreshing indulgence!

neapolitan frozen dog treat recipe